About Us

Agri Tours Turkey is a brand of Information Tours (Informasyon Turizm Seyahat Acentesi), which was founded by Raiffeisen and Volksbanken Touristik Germany and the Bayraktar family in 1989. Mr. Vehbi Bayraktar is an art historian and has been involved in the travel business since 1974, while his wife, Cornelia, born in Austria, has extensive experience in the industry and is primarily responsible for designing their products. Although the basic idea for the emergence of Information Tours was initially optimal care of RV tourism groups, the company has quickly enjoyed the addition of partners from around the world.

Agri Tours Turkey (Information Tours) is one of the few companies specialized on agricultural tours in Turkey . For our technical visits, we co-operate with market leading producers, governmental research institues and universities from all over the country. Our itineraries are designed and tailor-made according to our customers area of interest. Past agricultural study tours have been conducted for Reiseservice Vogt (ATOI member), Agrar Reisen Switzerland (ATOI member), Raiffeisen und Volksbanken Touristik Germany, Voyageplan Switzerland, Ceranova Austria, Niederösterreichischer Bauernbund, Genossenschaftsverband Bayern, Weinbauverband Würtemberg, Landesverband Thüringer Schafzüchter, Junglandwirte Thüringen, Troll Tours Medebach, Reiseservice Anton, Wiener Bauernbund, Raiffeisen Reisebüro Austria, Fraenkische Landeszeitung, Exklusiv Reisen Austria, VLF Bayern, Gemüsebauverband Österreich and others.

We also organize special interest tours, incentives, corporate events, hiking and adventure tours.
For more details, please visit www.infotur.com.tr

We would be delighted to see you join our growing number of satisfied partners, who have been working with us for many years.

During our career we have always maintained our basic principle: fast processing, customized tours, the expectations of our customers met at optimum prices and with high quality performance. With us, every guest is a VIP.

‘It is the farmer, the true producer, who is also the true owner and master of Turkey.’